Technologies and approaches of cyber wargaming

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1 Researcher of the High War Research Institute of Dafoos Aja

2 Higher Research Institute of War/ commander and staff university/ tehran/ Iran

3 researcher at Dafoos Aja high institute for war



With the advancement of technologies related to cyber domains, the threats related to intrusion, disruption and sabotage in these domains have also increased and the decision makers of stakeholder organizations in these domains should be able to In the event of any threat, appropriate decisions should be made and the relevant users should be able to implement these decisions correctly. One of the things that builds and strengthens this ability in decision makers and users is the game of cyber wargaming.
In the present article, with the aim of explaining the technologies and technologies of cyber wargaming after collecting information
Libraries and mentions of cyber wargame technologies explain them and explain the frameworks and models of cyber wargame explanation, cyber wargame platforms, training space and cyber wargame tools, similar to Applicable constructions for cyber warfare game, representations and deceptions of the enemy in cyber war game, existing exercises and scenarios in cyber wargame have been performed and finally the relevant results have been presented as a content analysis.