Application of Game Theory in Anti-Ballistic Missile Defense

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Researcher in institute for the study of war, army command and staff university


One important problem in strategical planning is about defense management of the silos, including continental ballistic missile. Various tactics are employed in order to increase the possibility of successful protection of such silos in response to the first attack of the enemy. In addition to new technologies, management of technologies is far important in success and less important in failure. Wargaming is regarded as one of the defense management methods. Decision-maker uses different mathematics and Artificial Intelligence methods besides the experiences of military intellectuals. Game theory is a method of modelling and solving the problem of decision-making in military terms. For example, how decisions are going to allocate to defense and attack sectors is one of the application of technology management. In anti-ballistic missile defense, it is possible to allocate the optimal number of way-founder missiles toward the defensed silos, increasing the protected silos. In this research, the way of employing game theory in order to analyze and model this problem is used, that is, the defender how to allocate way-founder missiles, and the attacker how distribute the multi-headed ballistic missiles. This problem is considered as a constant-sum game, which is a type of the zero-sum game. Finally, by using min-max and max-min methods, the solution and the equilibrium are presented.