Differential Games and Strategic Wargaming

Document Type : Original Article


Army Command and Staff University, Tehran, I.R.I


Strategic wargaming is a branch of management of national economy by considering the effects of military expenditures, the economic management of the country in the duration of war, and the management of military budgets in peace. In strategic wargaming, different aspects such as optimal quantity of armaments of a country in order to compete with other countries can be considered. Scientists and philosophers offer their opinions categorized in such organizations as neoclassical theory, Keynsian theory, and Marxist theory. To this end, primary concepts of microeconomics and macroeconomics, such as game theory, growth theory and econometrics can be used so as to analyze the game. In this research, some assumptions of wargaming theory in a strategic manner and also some chief concepts related to this issue are going to be proposed. Then, the main structure and how such theories have been shaped in economics is going to be talked. The primary objective of this paper in offering strategic wargaming theories is that how differential game has had its effect on the theories of strategic wargaming.